Fundación Palace Resorts IAP, is an institution created in 2004 by directors of the hotel change Palace Resorts, which operates with one target in mind: to be an institution that compensates and solves certain kind of social problems giving back to the environment as much as it receives from it.
The ultimate objective of Fundación Palace is to bring hope to people most in need and procure to care the environment and its communities, our resources, time and effort. However, all actions must be made within an organization and order outline to allow more effective results in the objectives pursued by the association.


We seek to improve lives of individual or communities whose reality has been touched by Fundacion palace, through care, prevention, referral or financial support to contribute to health, welfare, education, or happiness of these people, as well as seek awareness and care of the environment.
Instill the value of selfless support and altruistic work among the society, employees and guests of Palace Resorts for the benefit of people in most vulnerable conditions.
Development of projects and activities in benefit of vulnerable communities.