Research by medical doctors and health professionals show that making dreams come true, allows children to feel stronger and more energetic, optimistic, willing, and capable of fighting their medical conditions. Essentially, making a dream come true helps children feel better emotionally, and even physically.

Yearning for dreams is part of human nature. Unfortunately, there are children in our society who are unable to see their dreams fulfilled; such is the case of children who are terminally ill or living in adverse conditions.That is why we believe fulfilling dreams can make a difference in people’s lives. Believing in this guides and inspires us to continue making dreams that change the lives of children we support, come true.

Palace Foundation creates recreational and leisure activities for  children and their families to participate in.  Spending quality time in good company, gives them back the will to live and continue fighting.


Provide unique experiences to kids that impact their lives and their environment, through play and recreational activities they crave for.


Increase the number of children who are fulfilled a wish, in such a way that we more beneficiaries nationwide.

We made 589 dreams come true until 2016.


I WISH TO MEET: Meeting someone famous they look up to.
I WISH TO BE: Becoming whatever they wish to be when they grow up for a day.
I WISH TO VISIT: A place they dream to visit.