To provide guidance and/or assistance to beneficiaries with serious health conditions and disorders that put their lives at risk and who, due to these vulnerable conditions, cannot afford timely medical assistance for their illness or condition.


The committee seeks to provide timely assistance to beneficiaries who request it, providing them with options in both private and public sectors, where they can be examined for assistance or treatment. The committee also takes action in preventing different health problems.

We have provided more than 2500 Health Services a year.


Our Healthcare brigades take place on the first Saturday of each month. The objective is to help low income members of the local community who are living in dangerous conditions. Given that they do not have the means to commute in order to receive medical assistance, we bring doctors to their communities. Thanks to our partnerships with doctors, there are volunteers who join us once a month to provide assistance to those who need it. We also bring medication (pharmacy donations), which is administered by doctors and is also free of charge.