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To become an organization that promotes self-improvement in young students in higher education, or those who are just getting started, but have not had the opportunity to continue their studies due to low income.


To train professionals with social responsibility, as well as moral and human values that may in turn, contribute to the growth of other youths who want to better themselves and positively influence the social environment.

17 graduates in 2019.
110 active scholars who study at universities in Quintana Roo and Yucatan.


Our goal to ensure that students living in an adverse economic situation, but willing to excel, can continue their higher education, by granting scholarships, along with a comprehensive training that helps them have a social responsibility so that, by the end of their studies, they are trained professionals with Social Values.

This is done through:

-To provide financial scholarships to underprivileged youths to contribute to their transportation and/or academic expenses.
-To form partnerships with private and public institutions, in which we can channel youths who, due to their financial situations, cannot entirely afford their tuition.
-Conduct a comprehensive training program that covers points of interest that affect society, in order to make youths aware of the current situation they are living in. This is to achieve generation of professionals with social values.