Our main goal is to provide foster children with a home that will improve their living conditions and quality of life through proper access to education, healthcare, emotional care, psychological care, and formative and recreational activities.


The children’s home consists of 8 villas, each with a capacity to house 12 children. They all have resting, study, recreational, and gathering areas. It also has a play center, multipurpose rooms, an auditorium, basketball, soccer, and volleyball courts, a swimming pool, and gardens.

96 Children


Similar to living in a family setting, children live in groups of 12 and are under the supervision of two licensed caretakers. Children are given chores and responsibilities, as they would in any family environment, according to their age and maturity, in order for them to adapt positively to a family unit.


Full time: The full-time volunteer program is set for the volunteer to live in the children’s home for a 1 to 6 month period and have direct interaction with the children on the daily basis, through previously designed activities. This creates a unique experience and helps build a bond between the volunteer and the child, creating positive experiences on both ends.

Occasional: This program allows individuals, groups, and families who are committed to society, collaborate through different activities within the institution. This includes fundraisers, recreational and educational activities with children, administrative work, and much more.