Care and foster for the emotional and psychosocial development of our employees, their families, and society in general.


Have a network of mental health professionals with the highest and widest quality in this region, so as to order to assist more people.

We have benefited more than 250 people a month, with experiential workshops and 80 psychological therapies.


This is done through two different support areas:

a. Seminars and Workshops.

b. Psychological Counseling.

Seminars and workshops are designed to prevent and cover several general interest topics, such as: Violence Prevention, Human Leadership, Handling Stress and Emotions, Family Values, Life Project, Gender Equality, among others. With these seminars we reach approximately 3,000 people annually.
Through a network of psychologists, we help people have a positive outlook on life, ensure their overall mental health, and secure a positive lifestyle in their work environment and life at home. We provide psychiatric treatment to approximately 240 people per year.

The Wellness committee directly supports over 3,240 people and 9,720 people indirectly every year.

Thank you for your support!