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Care and foster for the emotional and psychosocial development of our employees, their families, and society in general.


Have a network of mental health professionals with the highest and widest quality in this region, so as to order to assist more people.


Montly more than 385 people are benefited, with participatory – experiential workshops and 90 people with psychological therapies.


  We achieve our main goal through two support areas:

     1. Seminars and Workshops.

     2. Psychological Counseling.

  In addition, we hold annual mass awareness and information events in our FORUMS and CAMPAIGNS on topics of interest.

  The courses and workshops aim to promote personal development: Violence Prevention, Gender Equity, Emotion Management, Quality family time, Self-knowledge and self-esteem, Resilience, Prevention of addictions, as well as reinforcing the development of organizational skills: Leadership With Human Sense, Teamwork, Assertive Communication, Conflict Management among others.

  Through them we reach more than 4,500 people annually. Through a network of psychologists who work committed in partnership with the Welfare Committee, we contribute to promoting and caring for the mental and emotional health of employees and their families.

  Every year we grant more than 390 people a psychotherapeutic treatment.
  The committee manages to directly support more than 8,000 people each year.

  Thanks for your support!