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Preserve and care the flora and fauna that are inside Place Resorts properties, as well as the surrounding areas, creating an environmental policy in which employees, guests and general public take part.


Perform works and projects with strict scientific rigor and provide access to data obtained for the working groups, as required.

3,120 Relocated nests.

356,461 Protected eggs.

308,326 Hatchlings released.

81 Environmental education talks.

1,556 Lb of trash removed from the beach and mangrove.

6 Vertical garden workshops in communities.

185 Trees planted at the “Sowing values Campaign” in alliance with Plant for the Planet.


The Environmental Committee performed different actions that promote environmental education through workshops, courses, talks and tours within Palace Resorts, all of them aimed to employees, guests, schools and other institutions.
The Sea Turtle Conservation program is one of the most recognized projects. Over 14 years, work has been done to protect and conserve these endangered species, during the 2019 season we recorded the best season historically.